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Amber Expo and MTGSA

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About Design

Design and Interiors Fair : May ❊, 2019.

About Design is an opportunity to present the potential of the rapidly growing creative industry in Central and Eastern Europe with an aim promote the top quality design and increase awareness of the role of design and innovation in today’s economy. About Design is addressed to trade and non-trade customers who not only follow the trends but, being prosumers, are natural opinion leaders. They include designers, architects, design studios and the media, manufacturers, wholesalers/retailers and craftspeople, buyers, developers, investors and individual customers. They are conscious choosers of the most inspiring solutions available on the market, with the primary choice criteria being: quality, prestige and innovation in products and services.

Event Type:   Trade Fair, Trade Show, Exposition.

Event Patron:   Amber Expo and MTGSA.

Event Submitter:   DesignPRWire.

Event Details:   More information on About Design Design and Interiors Fair.

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