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A' Design Awards

A' Design Awards - Rare Design Species Campaign event details for 2019

A' Design Awards - Rare Design Species Campaign dates, Rare Design Species Campaign dates, schedule and details for 2019




A' Design Awards

Rare Design Species Campaign : May 27th, 2019.

To especially increase the variety and category distribution of submissions for a better competition, each year between 27 and 30 May, A' Design Award & Competition offers opportunity for designers from especially underrepresented different fields to join the competition with discounted fees.

Event Type:   Discount, Sale, Promotion.

Event Patron:   A' Design Awards.

Event Submitter:   A' Design Award & Competition.

Event Webpage:   Visit official webpage.

Event Last Update:   2013-01-29 04:11:08.

Event Tags:   Design Award, Design Competition.

Event Month:   May (5 - May).

Event Day:   27th Day of the Month.

Event Venue:

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