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A' Design Awards

A' Design Awards - World Design Days Campaign event details for 2019

A' Design Awards - World Design Days Campaign dates, World Design Days Campaign dates, schedule and details for 2019




A' Design Awards

World Design Days Campaign : April 12th, 2019.

To support global design culture, creative community and independent development of the design field, Every year, between 12 and 15 April, During the World Design Days, A’ Design Award and Competition presents a great possibility for freelance designers, independent artists and architects to join the A’ Design Award & Competition with greatly discounted fees for three days.

Event Type:   Discount, Sale, Promotion.

Event Patron:   A' Design Awards.

Event Submitter:   A' Design Award & Competition.

Event Webpage:   Visit official webpage.

Event Last Update:   2013-01-28 07:16:00.

Event Tags:   Design Award, Design Competition.

Event Month:   April (4 - Apr.).

Event Day:   12th Day of the Month.

Event Venue:

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