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Product Design Days

Product Design Days - Design for Manufacturers event details for 2019

Product Design Days - Design for Manufacturers dates, Design for Manufacturers dates, schedule and details for 2019



Product Design Days

Design for Manufacturers : November ❊, 2019.

Product Design Days is an exhibition and event for designers to present their industrial designs to manufacturers. The aim of the event is to bring together manufacturers and innovative product designers so that they can start a meaningful business relationship. It is the opportunity to meet and network with people who can help you realize your dreams as a designer.

Event Type:   Trade Fair, Trade Show, Exposition.

Event Patron:   Unitech Exhbititions Pvt Ltd, Geo & Nobi Events and Exhibitions Pvt Ltd.

Event Submitter:   DesignPRWire.

Event Webpage:   Visit official webpage.

Event Last Update:   2013-03-05 07:07:59.

Event Tags:   product design, design for manufacturers, industrial design.

Event Month:   November (11 - Nov.).

Event Venue:   Nehru Center, Mumbai, India.

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