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World Design Days

World Design Days - Designers' Day event details for 2019

World Design Days - Designers' Day dates, Designers' Day dates, schedule and details for 2019




World Design Days

Designers' Day : April 15th, 2019.

Every year, between 12 and 15 April, are the World Design Days. The aim of the World Design Days is to create awareness for design for multiple demographics. World Design Days aims to promote design for a better, brighter future where good designs serve to mankind through improvements in the quality of live by socio-cultural, economic, and environmental innovations. AOD โ€“ Association of Design, invites all interested parties to organize events and initiatives around design to promote World Design Days between 12 and 15 April each year.

Event Type:   Festival, Design Week, Design Day.

Event Patron:   AOD - Association of Design.

Event Submitter:   DesignPRWire.

Event Webpage:   Visit official webpage.

Event Last Update:   2013-01-28 07:15:26.

Event Tags:   Design Days, Designers' Day, Design Events.

Event Month:   April (4 - Apr.).

Event Day:   15th Day of the Month.

Event Venue:

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